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Tony Gottlieb is a lifelong veteran of the entertainment industry specializing in artist management and music publishing. While still a teenager living in Los Angeles, Tony worked for Henry Mancini’s Northridge Music Group, the international publishing operation for Henry Mancini, Marvin Hamlisch, Livingston & Evans, Bobby Gentry, etc.  After leaving Mancini’s office, Tony worked as a studio engineer and assistant on a wide range of artist album projects that have included Iggy Pop to Chuck Berry, to Waylon Jennings to Bobby Caldwell.


In 1979, Tony relocated to Nashville and set up the operations of Morningstar Management with business partner, Kyle Lehning. The partnership comprised independent publishing administration, record production, artist management, music direct marketing and in-house data systems development. Tony and Kyle were responsible for the careers of “England” Dan Seals, Randy Travis, Kathy Baillie, Cheryl Wheeler, Walter Hyatt and numerous independent songwriters over the course of their 13-year partnership.


Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, Tony continued to operate Morningstar, working as personal manager for Dan Seals and Cheryl Wheeler… After Dan Seals’ death in 2009, Tony started to devote more time advocating for the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright reform, regularly working as an expert witness and litigation consultant for royalty and copyright infringement matters.


As of 2019, Tony joined forces with Sanborn “Sandy” McGraw, forming Upper M.G.T an Artist Management / Music Admin firm handling the estates of “England” Dan Seals, Lou Busch, Richard and Margaret Whiting and active clients Cheryl Wheeler and Garrett Clayton.


As of 2023, Tony and Sanborn have expanded their partnership, operating the boutique record label, Melody Place LLC, alongside Chairman / founder, Leigh Shockey.

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